terms to rent a car

Requirements to rent a car:

Terms to book and rent


All prices on this website are expressed in Argentine pesos..

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Any reservation requested by the client will be valid only once alquilerdeautos.com.ar has verified that the applicant meets the necessary requirements to access the service and sends the applicant a confirmation of said reservation.

Amounts in charge of alquilerdeautos.com.ar:

- Mainteinance

- Replacement of the vehicle in case of breakdown or accident. (The replacement of the vehicle will be subject to availability and may have the same, similar or different characteristics to the originally leased vehicle.)

- Hiring third party civil liability insurance.

- Mechanical assistance and towing during the rental period.

Amounts paid by the Client:

- Fuel consumption

- Fines for traffic violations

- Vehicle towing charges

- surplus

- tolls

- car wash

- Maximum limit for shortages, damage, theft and/or rollover of the vehicle.

The lessee will be responsible for the following amounts according to the category of leased vehicle:

Categorydamage limitrollover limit
ECONOMY 10.000 ars 25.000 ars
COMPACT 10.000 ars 25.000 ars
STANDARD 12.000 ars 25.000 ars
STANDARD PLUS 14.000 ars 30.000 ars
FAMILY 15.000 ars 30.000 ars
ADVENTURE 15.000 ars 30.000 ars
FAMILY SEVEN 20.000 ars 40.000 ars
EXECUTIVE 20.000 ars 40.000 ars

Requirements to be met by drivers

The minimum age required to access the service is 21 years.

Possess a valid driver's license in the country of residence for at least 2 years. (Una licencia internacional será necesaria cuando la licencia del país de residencia no esté expresada en alfabeto romano.)

For Argentine and foreign drivers from neighboring countries, the presentation of the national identity document is sufficient. The rest of the foreign drivers must present a passport.

Insurance coverage

The leased vehicle includes mandatory third-party liability insurance as established by current law. Said coverage does not include coverage for damage, collision, total or partial theft, rollover, acts of vandalism, theft of personal belongings inside the vehicle, death or damage to the lessee or additional drivers or occupants traveling in the leased vehicle.

To make the reservation, the lessee must present a credit card to the satisfaction of alquilerdeautos.com.ar with sufficient funds to cover the surpluses and limit amounts whose responsibility must be covered by the lessee. For these purposes, alquilerdeautos.com.ar will request authorization from the company that provides the credit card for the total amount of the lessee's liability limit according to the category of leased vehicle, amount that will be blocked as a guarantee in order to cover any charge generated by the lessee whether it is damage, total or partial theft of the vehicle, lack of fuel, kilometers exceeded, drop off charges, or any charge that must be covered by the lessee. Said amount will be released once the vehicle has been returned to the complete satisfaction of alquilerdeautos.com.ar.

delivery and return of the vehicle:

At the time of delivery of the vehicle, the mileage, fuel tank level and defects or damage to the vehicle, if any, will be indicated in the lease.

When the vehicle is returned, the same procedure will be followed to establish if there were differences in these observations.

The observance of damages or shortages in plain sight by the staff of alquilerdeautos.com.ar will cause charges that must be covered by the lessee in which case alquilerdeautos.com.ar will notify the lessee of the same and will debit the corresponding amounts to them to the credit card indicated in the lease. The same procedure will be followed when the vehicle is returned outside business hours or outside the commercial offices of alquilerdeautos.com.ar.

When renting a vehicle, the lessee expressly authorizes alquilerdeutos.com.ar to debit his credit card for the amounts derived from this operation or any other charge that is the responsibility of the lessee.

Lack of payment of contracted obligations:

The lack of payment of the obligations subscribed in the lease by the lessee as well as the ignorance of the charges made to his credit card will entitle alquilerdeautos.com.ar to make judicial or extrajudicial claims on said amounts. The delay in the requested payments will generate a monthly punitive interest equivalent to two times the active rate of the Bank of the Argentine Nation for discount operations payable to the lessee together with the original amounts.

The lessee must also pay all legal costs, administrative charges and expenses incurred to manage compliance with their payment obligations.

The lessee will be responsible for:

- Any fine and/or penalty, whatever its origin, that is claimed from alquilerdeautos.com.ar for violating current Argentine legislation.

- Any damage caused to third parties, injury to people or damage to their property.

- The people transported in the leased vehicle will not be considered third parties for alquilerdeautos.com.ar and, in the event that alquilerdeautos.com.ar receives any claim from them and/or from their insurers and/or medical providers, the lessee will be summoned to answer for the claim.

- Any damage, loss, theft, theft, robbery, missing, breakage, etc. suffered by the vehicle, whatever its origin.

- Any loss, theft or damage to personal belongings found inside the vehicle.

- Any cost derived from the uselessness of the vehicle, loss of profit, towing, transfer, mechanical assistance, etc. caused by the breach of its obligations.

Vehicle use prohibitions:

The renter and/or additional drivers:

- They may not use the vehicle as transportation for consideration or free of people and/or things, nor for the transportation of things prohibited by current regulations, nor flammable or dangerous equipment.

- They are not authorized to transport the vehicle aboard any type of ship, train, truck or plane, without the express authorization of alquilerdeautos.com.ar.

- They may not use the vehicle to tow or push other vehicles or their own equipment or that of third parties.

- They are prohibited from using the vehicle to participate in events of any kind, such as races, tests, sports competitions, learning to drive, etc.

- They are prohibited from driving under the influence of any type of prescription or non-prescription medication, alcohol or any substance that could affect their driving ability.

- They may not occupy the vehicle with a greater number of passengers than those indicated by the manufacturer of the leased model.

- They may not circulate outside the Argentine Republic without the prior and express authorization of alquilerdeautos.com.ar.

Obligations of the renter and additional drivers:

Return the vehicle and all its documentation at the agreed time and place, unless otherwise expressly authorized by alquilerdeautos.com.ar.

Respect speed limits and driving regulations in accordance with national laws and/or the jurisdiction(s) where you travel.

Immediately report any accident and/or precautionary measure (kidnapping, retention, etc.) that falls on the vehicle, having to comply with the instructions that the alquilerdeautos.com.ar staff promptly indicate.

In the event of an accident, you must make a police report and/or civil exposure, if applicable, complete and sign the complaint form to be submitted to the insurance company, providing all the information required and providing all necessary collaboration for the best defense of the rights of alquilerdeautos.com.ar.

Request to alquilerdeautos.com.ar the registration of additional drivers in the lease contract and must inform said drivers about each and every one of the commitments that it assumed with alquilerdeautos.com.ar and let them know that both will be jointly and severally responsible for all obligations and charges agreed. If the lessee needs to incorporate other drivers after signing the lease, they must request it from alquilerdeautos.com.ar and present the required documentation for them.

In the event that the lessee decides to terminate the lease early, he must pay all the amounts for rent and any additional charges generated. Such a situation does not give the lessee any right to claim for the return of any amount paid or bonuses, discounts or rental time as a credit for future rentals with alquilerdeautos.com.ar.

Loss of agreed limitation of liability for damages:

The limitation of liability for damages agreed in the lease will be without effect when the damages that the vehicle presents:

They originate from lack of skill, fault, negligence, fraud, serious breach of the obligations assumed by contract, etc. of the lessee and/or the authorized driver.

They occur on the occasion of being driven by drivers not previously authorized and even if they have a qualifying driver's license.

These are accidents that occur while driving on gravel roads, paved, unpaved or closed to traffic by the competent authority.

The lessee and/or the authorized driver refuse to sign the accident report to the insurer or have engaged in conduct that exempts the latter from providing coverage under current insurance law.

I will refuse to sign the status of the vehicle when returning it.

They may have occurred when the vehicle was detained by the competent authority due to unlawful conduct by the lessee and/or authorized drivers.

In all cases in which the limitation of liability for damages is rendered ineffective, the lessee must pay the lost profit.

Termination with cause by alquilerdeautos.com.ar:

alquilerdeautos.com.ar will have the right to terminate the lease with cause when it finds serious breaches by the lessee and/or authorized drivers. In this case, it will send a reliable notification to the address denounced by the lessee, which will be valid after 24 hours of its issuance and regardless of whether or not it is received.

In such a case, non-return of the vehicle will be considered misappropriation.

Improper retention of the vehicle:

The non-return of the vehicle by the lessee after the term agreed in the contract has expired will be considered, without the need for a prior request, improper retention under the terms of criminal law, and alquilerdeautos.com.ar may initiate the corresponding criminal and/or civil actions. and claim for damages and/or lost profits, etc. until the effective return of the vehicle to the complete satisfaction of alquilerdeautos.com.ar.

alquilerdeautos.com.ar will not be responsible for the damages that said complaint could cause to the lessee and/or authorized drivers.

Once the term of the lease has expired and/or the contract has been terminated with cause, alquilerdeautos.com.ar may take possession of the vehicle in the place where it is located, a circumstance that is expressly accepted by the lessee.

Legal and jurisdictional scope:

alquilerdeautos.com.ar and the lessee agree that for all legal effects that may arise from the use of the leased vehicle and the obligations underwritten in the lease, they submit to the jurisdiction of the Ordinary National Courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond due to the domicile or nationality of the lessee and/or authorized drivers, the law in force in the Argentine Republic being applicable in all cases, and all notifications that They are sent to the addresses established in the lease and even if they were not received by the addressee.