car rental for companies

more benefits for your company

  • Plans, rates and special discounts
  • Short or long-term rentals
  • Rent of only 1 vehicle or of several units
  • New and varied fleet
  • Vehicles with insurance and mechanical assistance
  • Maintenance cost at our expense
  • tax deduction for utility bill
  • Availability of capital to apply to the business itself
car rental for companies

why rentacar for companies offers you a series of special plans designed to optimize the costs of contracting the rentacar service for your company.

We know and understand that many companies need to rent cars to provide transportation solutions to their employees and not having their own fleet of vehicles implies investing capital that could be used to improve the performance of the business itself, in addition to the high fixed costs involved in the car maintenance.

By accessing this contracting modality, your company will have vehicles available for use, new, selected, optimal for carrying out the activities of your business without having to worry about the cost of insurance, taxes, maintenance, mechanical assistance and the depreciation of its value.

Our service invoice allows you to discount the amount as an expense for your company, positively impacting the result that accrues taxes in addition to being able to post the VAT tax credit corresponding to the car rental service.

It will be our pleasure if you contact us and tell us about your transportation needs, whether in a timely manner, for short periods or long-term plans and for just one vehicle or the rental of several units. We will send you a free quote according to your needs.


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